Thursday, February 19, 2015

Using Technology in Documentation

Why didn't I do this BEFORE now!?!

I have seen so many GREAT ideas on Pinterest, especially in the area of School Counseling Programming. In an effort to become more organized, efficient, and data driven, I am entering into the use of Google Drive for all of my important documentation and information.  
I have been thinking of new and more efficient ways to document throughout my program. I followed lead of Emily Hansen at Hanselor the Counselor and her blog in creating my Google Forms.
I have created a Direct Counseling Services Form, Indirect Counseling Services Form, and Parent/Guardian Communication Log form on Google Drive; Google Drive will automatically keep a spreadsheet for all of my parent communications therefore eliminating the need for paper copies! I am also excited in the possibilities of documenting my use of time.

Of course there are always risks with using technology especially as a documentation tool. Considerations I need to be aware of; risks of electronic record keeping and confidentiality. I strongly encourage any professional school counselors considering the use of e-records to consult the 2014 American Counseling Association Code of Ethics,
I am still thinking about other ways I can use Google Drive in my program and will post other ideas that I come up with...needs assessments for students, teachers, and other stakeholders?

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  1. It really is interesting to think about all the different possibilities that are available when it comes to being a school counselor. Something that would be very interesting is to have some kind of way to know what is okay as a counselor and what is not. I personally really like that you mentioned that using electronic documentation is frowned upon. That would be a great thing to make sure to not do when considering going into this position. Thank you for sharing your experiences.